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Intake Center Dream!!!


❤️ Help the animals by helping us! ❤️
If each person that has 👍🏻 ‘LIKED’ our Facebook and visited our website donates just $1, we would have enough money 💰 to alleviate the 😲 stress and cover our rent for a year!

💵Our goal is $13,000!💵

We know that sounds like a lot, but an intake center could forever change our rescue efforts!!! 💚🐾

A place to keep all our 🩺 supplies, a place to 🛁 bathe all our babies that arrive, a place to call 🏡 HOME! We could host ❤️ adoption events, microchip 💉clinics, events 🐈🐕 and so much more!

Our rescue could have a PLACE, a FACE, a HOME! Don’t get us wrong, we are 😳 scared - but MORE 🤗 EXCITED about the opportunities this could provide! More adoptions, more lives saved!!

EVERY SINGLE DONATION 🙏🏻 could mean more lives saved!! 

Our Mission

Rescue Outreach is a non-profit, volunteer run organization whose mission is to help reduce the euthanasia rate of dogs and cats by rescuing from high kill shelters; placing animals into foster homes to provide a loving and nurturing start to their future; rehabilitating from injury, illness or other factors and re-homing with families that will ensure their continued care; along the way we hope to educate and seek support from the community to ensure our efforts.


Welcome to Rescue Outreach!  

We are a group of local rescuers working to save the lives of Animals.  The shelters these animals are being rescued from are located in Hazard, and Harlan, Kentucky.  These are mountain cities with HIGH kill rates and LOW adoption.   In September of 2017 they were faced with having to EUTHANIZE over 60 cats and kittens in order to make room for new intake.  This is when we realized there IS something we can do to make a difference!  In order to prevent this tragic occurrence, we reached out to Starfish Animal Rescue.  Starfish works with local rescues to transport animals from these rural areas and bring them to safe, loving, rescues and homes. 

From there, the rest is history!  Rescue Outreach was born and we continue to rescue!  New animals come in every 2 weeks- so be sure to check back frequently if you've yet to fall in love with one of our fur babies!  Thank you for considering adoption - it's the best way to make a difference in the reduction of unwanted pets and unnecessary euthanasia.  

We are NON- PROFIT, all adoption donations go directly towards veterinary care and supplies to make what we do possible!  

Thank You for Considering Adoption!

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