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Adoption Process


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Take a peek at the animals we have available for adoption and find one you can't live without! 

Adoptable Animals

Submit an Adoption Application

You will not be able to meet one of our animals without having first completed an adoption application.  

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Verification Process

We will check to make sure that you do not have any violent charges on your criminal record | your landlord allows animals | and verify with your vet that current pets are up to date on testing, vaccinations, well exams and preventive medications.  

Phone Interview

If your application passes our verification process, you will receive a telephone call for phone interview.  During this interview we will ask any questions we may have and clarify application information if we have questions or concerns.  You will then be asked to submit a video tour of your home if you are not within a reasonable distance for a home check.

Meet and Greet

If approved, you will receive an approval notification via e-mail.  From there you will be contacted by the foster home to schedule a meet and greet.   An approved application means that you have passed the initial screening process and may proceed to the following steps. The animal you are interested in may have more than one application and may have already found his/her forever home before you are able to meet. In that case, your application will remain active for 60 days. 


Rescue Outreach will decide if you are a good fit for the animal- and if the animal is a good fit for you.  If so, adoption is finalized! 

Adoption Application